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Additional Towing Services

Motorcycle Towing

Our service has no limitations as can be seen in the wide variety of services that we want to provide to the inhabitants of our beautiful island! Who doesn’t want to enjoy our islands beautiful weather? What better way is there than to go for a motorcycle ride and experience the island as never seen before! Unfortunately, your Motorcycle, Scooter or even ATV could also experience some difficulties from time to time. This could result in needing our help to get you back on track again! We can handle that for you without any problems. We will transport your motorcycle to the nearest mechanic/service shop or to another location that you prefer.

You can also give us a call if simple roadside assistance is needed which we are happy to provide. Our service includes Tire Changing, Jump Starting, but also the occasional Gas Service in case you run out. The services we provide could be summed up as 24 towing, as we are here for you 24 hrs. a day! Give us a call if you are in need of assistance and we will be on the spot as soon as we can!

Chopper on flatbed tow truck, strapped for safety.

Low Clearance Towing

Low Clearance Towing is a service which can be used in low clearance areas such as parking garages. Usually there’s little room for error when it comes to space. As our Flatbed towing truck might not be capable of getting to your vehicle, we have an additional service available for our clients in need. In this particular case, we are able to help you out! Our team will be using a heavy-duty dolly which enables us to reach you and help you get back on your way again.

Be sure to address this once you speak to our staff and they make sure the correct way of transportation will be assisting you as soon as possible.

Vehicle Salvage Service

This is a service we have implemented as well as Hawaii Laws state that it’s illegal to abandon your vehicle on public but also on private property. Apart from it being illegal, it’s also not a pretty sight to leave your wrecker on your property. Kill two birds with one stone and let us help you out to remove it for a reasonable fee. 

  • Before giving us a call, please be sure to remove all your valuable belongings from your car.
  • Make sure to look in your trunk, door panels, glove compartment but also under the seats and under the floor mats. 
    You would be surprised what you might find under there! If you have the key to the car that would also help out a lot.
  • Also make sure you have the title of your vehicle as this proves to us that it is actually your vehicle that needs to be towed.  
    There could be a possibility that you are not able to locate your title anymore. Don’t worry about that. Just get in touch with Honolulu and they can help you out.
  • Take off the license plates which you can either throw in the bin or keep as a nice little souvenir.
  • Give a call to your insurance company to cancel your insurance as you won’t be driving it anymore.

Do not worry if Towing Company Honolulu is not the towing company that is closest to you as we might be able to help you find the closest local wrecker service who’s able to help you out.

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