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Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Trucks acquired their name from their Bed’s flat appearance. A Flatbed Tow Truck provides the necessary clearance that is needed for certain vehicles. Our Flatbed can be used  for low clearance vehicles or to recover extreme accident vehicle transportation. Towing Company Honolulu’s Flatbed trucks have the ability to roll the empty flatbed back on an angle. Your vehicle is than able to drive or winched up by our tow truck. Once your vehicle has been loaded, the bed will lower back to the original horizontal position, securing your vehicle. Last but not least we will strap your car making sure that it can be transported safely to your preferred location.

It could happen that you find yourself in a situation where your car is not able to be transported anymore by a tow truck. It could also be that you are in possession of a sports car, which, due to the low stance can also not be towed. No worries, we are able to handle it for you. We have numerous Flatbed Tow Trucks in our possession.  Our team can easily and safely haul your vehicle home or to the garage that you prefer. We just simply load it up on our Flatbed Truck, make sure that your vehicle is secured and take it to the preferred destination.

Our Flatbed Towing Trucks can transport the following vehicles:
Classic, Show, Exotic, Sports and Low-Rider Vehicles
Accident Vehicles
SUV’s and AWD Vehicles

Red tow truck helping car in need in the evening.
Red Broken Car on a Red Flatbed Towing Truck that is transported to local garage to be fixed.

Why go Flatbed?

Some of the other valuable reasons to choose specifically for a flatbed tow truck are:

  • Your vehicle will be better protected as it’s completely of the ground and safely stored on the flatbed truck. Lifting the truck completely of the ground results in better protection of flying debris, rocks or other material. These are some of the elements could cause damage to your car during the transport to the preferred location. By choosing a Flatbed the risk of those elements damaging your vehicle are minimized. Please make sure to address your preferences while you talk to one of our customer service employees. They will make sure your choice of transportation will be there to help you out.
  • Another issue that will be easily solved is that our Flatbed Tow Truck is able to help any vehicle out who might have encounter wheel damage. This can relate  flat tires, or even worse, missing the wheels completely due to an accident that occurred. Our Flatbed will be able to lift your vehicle completely of the ground to be transported safely and secured to the preferred destination.

Even if you are stranded outside of the Honolulu area you can always get in touch with us. We have our contacts all over the island who offer the same service as we do. We might be able to forward you over to make sure you will be assisted in the same manner as you were expecting from us.

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