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Heavy Equipment Towing​

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Heavy Equipment Towing

Towing heavy equipment can be a very dangerous task as there are many points of attention to be looked into when carrying out. It’s no wonder that not all towing companies are able to provide this service as this is a job that can only be handled by real professionals. Towing Company Honolulu, fortunately, houses these professionals, making sure the job is the best and safest way possible. Due to our connections here on the island, we also have a partner that we can address if something really is out of the ordinary, but rest assured, the same service will apply as you would expect from us.​

Quality over Quantity and Safety First!

As you would expect, the same service will apply for our Heavy Equipment Towing Service.  24/7 roadside assistance is applied as well of course as we understand the importance of your situation.

We offer this service to a wide variety of vehicles/equipment such as:
Boat Towing Services
Heavy Equipment Machinery
Top-Heavy Public Transportation Towing Service
Heavy Cargo Van / Truck Towing Service

As an addition to the above services we also offer below assistance, making sure we can serve in the best way we possibly can:

– Tire Changing Service
– Car Lockout Service
– Jump Start Service
– Accident Removal Service
– Gas Delivery in case you’ve run out and a tow won’t be needed.

If you are looking for a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can ensure we offer the best competitive pricing on the island whilst maintaining the highest service available anywhere on our beautiful island. Give us a call and benefit from our services. We are here to help!

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